We are facing some big challenges.

The most fundamental of which can be found in three specific areas of concern: Overpopulation, Fossil Fuel Dependency, and Government Transparency. Solving them offers our best path to a balanced future.

Government Transparency

Problem: For far too long, both sides of the aisle have battled over the size of government. In my view, the real issue isn’t how big it is but how well it works. We need to come up with ways of making our governments more transparent, democratic, and efficient.


Problem: At current consumption rates, the Earth’s carrying capacity is about 2 billion people. Yet, we currently have 7 and we are on track to hit 9 by 2050. We must come up with ways to alleviate our energy demands and reduce our total population. Otherwise, Nature will find ways of self-correcting the balance.

Fossil Fuel Dependency

Problem: The use of energy dense coal and oil have afforded humankind technologies unimaginable only a century ago. Unfortunately, those energy sources came at an unexpectedly high cost to our environment. The paradox is that this cheap energy has yielded us the free time to develop ways of replacing those sources altogether. Yet for some reason we cling to fossil fuels?

If you are working on a project that chips away at theses massive problems, and you think my talents can be of use..
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