Let’s make new things great and old things better.

We’re facing some big challenges: overpopulation, environmental stresses, income inequality, government transparency… the list continues ad infinitum. Yet we persevere – hoping and trusting that the arc of the universe bends in humanity’s favor. At the same time, we realize that our civilization is an experiment – one that welcomes the tinkerers and innovators. So let’s use design thinking, multidisciplinary approaches and recursive pragmatism – to make the changes we must make – to get to the next paradigm.
We’re facing some big challenges and they can be scary, but solving them can also be fun.

I like to solve complex problems with simple solutions.

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Scouts for Equality
The Limelight Studio

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Design & Engineering
Science & Epistemology
Philosophy & Politics

I’d like to help solve bigger, more complex problems.

Government Transparency


Fossil Fuel Dependency